Chiclana Wifi is an independent Internet service provider.

Chiclana Wifi uses high quality communication technology that allows data and voice transmission without the need for a conventional telephone line.

To receive access to the Internet and / or telephony, a small radio antenna is installed on the outside of the property, usually in the fireplace or on the television antenna pole and is connected to one of our main wireless points.

We have coverage in Chiclana de la Frontera and Medina-Sidonia.


  • Before hiring the services we carry out a signal test to ensure that we can offer a good service and give a budget.
  • Installation with router 75€
  • Without router 50€
  • Post to receive the signal (subject to the test) – from € 24.20

For more information or to request an appointment for a signal test, contact our customer service department or Click here.


  • More coverage than other companies
  • Unlimited Service A single fee, no additional costs